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Why Lilly?

Lilly is made of professional and committed virtual receptionists with one purpose in mind – to see your business succeed. We are a dedicated virtual assistant service that helps you develop a personal relationship with all your callers.


Professional and Exceptional Receptionist Services with all the Features You Need

Lilly Receptionists provide exceptional virtual receptionist services that are customized to suit the needs of your business.  We offer tailor-made features that you can update or change at any time. Whether you need our services as a backup service to your in-house receptionist or a full-time reception services, we can cover you whenever you need us. You can have ease of mind knowing that all your business calls are answered and no call is missed when you forward all your business calls to us.

It’s really simple – forward your existing phone numbers to us or select a local number and we will answer all your calls every day, even on weekends!

Here’s What You Get with Lilly Receptionists Services

Live Phone Answering

At Lilly Receptionists, you can choose to publish your assigned number or forward your already existing phone number and we will take it from there. Our virtual receptionists will answer all your business calls in a professional and friendly manner. We provide callers with vital information, such as directions to your office, descriptions of your products and/or services, and answers to basic questions. You can choose to customize the personal greeting the way you want. We will answer your calls just the way you want it, so no worries there.

Return Calls on your Behalf

Do you suddenly have to take on important assignments, but have to make some callbacks to reschedule earlier booked appointments? – Not problem! We can help you reach out and reschedule those earlier booked appointments. You just have to email us the details of those appointments and not worry about a thing. We will handle all the callbacks for you.


Take your partnership with your virtual receptionists to the next level. We make use of proprietary software that is able to connect all your calls and information directly to the CRM, or any chosen cloud-based business. All you need do is tell us what you need and we will put the API to work for you. It’s as simple as that.

Create Temporary Call Instructions

If you happen to be out of office or maybe need to take an afternoon off, you don’t have to worry, as we will make sure you don’t miss those important calls. All you have to do is let us know and then email us temporary call instructions on how you want the calls delivered to you and that’s it. It’s very easy and can be changed on-the-go.

Live Call Transferring

Our virtual receptionists are well trained to handle calls screening for your business. The receptionist will announce the details of the calls you direct to us, thereby giving you key aspects as regards who the caller is and the reason they are calling. You can advise your given receptionist to take a detailed message or have them forwarded to your voice if you’re unable to answer the call at that time.

Delivery of Voice Messages by Email

Worried that you’re going to be late with some important voicemail messages? Not anymore. With Lilly’s Receptionists, you can have the rest of mind of knowing that you’ll be able to listen to your voice messages wherever you’re. We will send all your voicemails to an email address of choice. The email comes with the recorded message (.wav format) attached for instant listening.

Customized Call Handling

The same contact method you choose for yourself may not work for other staff within your business. Lilly Receptionists can help you customize call handling to suit each individual employee’s choice, thereby ensuring ease of use and complete efficiency.

Booking and Scheduling Appointments

Let Lilly Receptionists handle all your appointments booking and scheduling for you. We will make use of remote access to your in-house scheduling software to book and schedule your appointments for you in real time, thereby ensuring that your calendar is instantly up to date. Our receptionists are well trained and will be versed in your current program, so there is no need to switch your scheduling software.

Personalize Your Service

A lot of businesses like to add a personal touch to their business and rightly so, as this will endear their customers more to them. Lilly Receptionists can help you to completely personalize your phone system, which includes all the features you could be offering to your clients. In addition, we can personalize voice greeting to each caller if you wish. Let us help you route your calls just the way you want it. Just tell us your requirements and we will customize it till you’re completely satisfied.

At Lilly Receptionists, all calls are answered live by a virtual assistant in English. However, if a caller prefers other languages like Spanish, they will be connected with a bilingual assistant immediately at no additional cost.

Let us handle your calls for you, so you can focus on important matters of business.

A Live, Friendly Receptionist Will Professionally Answer All Your Calls – So, No Worries!


The aim of Lilly and her professional team is to turn potential customers into real customers and existing ones into returning customers with every answered call. We’re committed to help your business grow and as a result, our pricing are designed in such a way that it will never hurt your bottom line.


If you’re not sure of the plan to choose, get in touch with us and we will help you choose just the right plan for your business.

All Lilly’s plans come with a 21-days money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like our receptionist services, let us know and we will refund your money – No long stories!

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