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Live Phone Answering Services

Many callers to your business will not leave messages if their calls go unanswered or transferred to voicemail. You can’t afford to miss half of your phone calls because that means potential customers left for your competitors.

Here at Lilly Receptionists, we give your business a professional presence by smartly answering all your business calls for you LIVE. This is most useful when you wish to attend to other important business matters, or your office is unattended.  Lilly and her professional team are always ready and waiting round the clock to make sure you never miss an important call. They can expertly discern between the different types of calls (urgent calls, new clients, old clients, hot leads, etc.) and handle them accordingly.

You can choose to forward or un-forward your calls as you like; a couple of hours a day, a few days a week, or all the time.

Scheduling and Reservations

In the hustle and bustle of many workplaces these days, keeping track of everything can seem somewhat near impossible. This shouldn’t be the case anymore, as Lilly can help free you and your employees from this time-consuming task so can concentrate on other activities.  Whether your business schedules meetings, appointments, jobs, tasks or service calls, Lilly Receptionists can help you reduce scheduling errors and boost productivity.

Lilly and her team will book your appointments and reservations in real time, and perform general messaging duties for non-scheduling calls. Every call from your customers will be answered and appointments confirmed instantly.

Call Screening/Forwarding

Our professional team can screen your calls and let you know who is calling before answering, connect the caller to your voice messaging service or forward calls to the right personnel in your company.

Outbound Calls

Lilly Receptionists can handle all inbound calls for your business, including appointment reminders, follow-up calls, reservations, etc. 

Call Notes Delivery

When receiving a call, Lilly and her professional team take down important information from each caller and subsequently send you a call summary via email or text. This way, you’re always on top of whatever that’s happening in your business.

Call Overflow

Add Lilly’s number to your phone system if you’re not always available to answer all your calls or you’re under-staffed. Calls will rollover to our expert team anytime you don’t answer.

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